Hulled Sesame Seeds Manufactures

We are the reliable Hulled sesame seeds manufacturers in India selling wide range of sesame seeds in India including hulled sesame seeds, natural sesame seeds and roasted sesame seeds.

Hulled sesame seeds has plenty of health benefits and medicinal properties that makes it popular among Indians. They had high nutritional value and contains all essential minerals as required by common man.

We offer hulled sesame seeds in different qualities and varieties as needed by food industries or our global clientele. Each and every product available with us is processed organically and we make sure it does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. As our products are always manufactured as per international guidelines, so they are suitable to sell in global markets.

Our hulled sesame seeds are used in natural form and suitable to ass with various food items in Indian kitchens. The sesame seeds have multiple medicinal benefits too that makes them suitable to use for various ailments or treatments. As we have already discussed they are chemical free so they are able to acquire good market area across India and abroad as well. Clients have the opportunity to avail our organic products at market leading prices.

Being industry leader and reliable hulled sesame seeds manufacturers in India, clients can avail our products at very affordable prices. We do provide attractive discounts on big deals that makes us top choice by the customers.

Benefits and Uses

  • Hulled sesame seeds are popular due to their nutritional value and mineral content

  • Our sesame seeds can be freely used along with food products and they are cleaned or maintained properly for the same purpose.

  • To convert natural sesame seeds into hulled ones, we have to remove outer layer carefully.

  • Hulled sesame seeds have 3 categories: premium, semi-premium and standard purity and we offer 99.98% pure hulled sesame seeds.

  • They are good for digestion system and improves your overall health and stamina


Admixture 00.05 % Min
Purity 99.95% Min
FFA 1.5% Max
Moisture 4% Max
Salmonella Absent/25g
Pesticide Residues Within EU Regulations

Uses Of Hulled Sesame Seeds

  • In Cooking, most commonly using seeds are Hulled seeds.

  • When roasted or heated, Sesame Seeds get a good insane, crunchy flavor, which makes them well known on cookies and bread and even sprayed over ice-cream rather than chopped nuts.

  • Hulled sesame seeds are extensively used in breads, burgers, sauces, cereals, crackers, spreads, drinks, granola, candies, soups & various other bakery and confectionary products to enrich its taste and nutritional values.

  • hey’re also used to make sesame paste or Tahini.

  • The seeds help cure Anemia and prevent diabetes.

  • The seeds contain anti – cancer properties.

  • Sesame seeds help in providing relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • It is a good treatment for Anxiety.

  • Hulled sesame seeds can be used for cooking and they are usually put inside bakery items

  • They are crunchy in taste and can be used along with bread more nutty flavor

  • They have anti-cancer properties and prevents diabetes too.

  • They are giving good treatment for anxiety too

  • They are used for making paste or Tahini.

Manufacturer’s Packaging Information

  • Bag Type: Laminated

  • Bag Weight 60 Gms

  • Weight Capacity To Pack Up to 25 Kgs Material

  • Colour Natural, White

  • Labeling Printing with water based ink