Guar Gum Powder

Guar Gum belongs to the pea family that is majorly produced in India and Pakistan and the minor producers being China, Africa, the USA, Australia, and a few more.

Reputed manufacturers and exporters use an advanced process to de-husk, screen mill, and further pulverized to obtain refined guar powder that is used in diverse industries. This gum is extracted from the guar bean and is extensively used as a thickening agent and emulsifier in food industries.


  • Guar gum powder exporters claim it to have almost eight times better than corn starch or similar food agents. It is added in sauces, jams, dairy products, and baking mixes to give a good thickening to a product so that a nice consistency is achieved.

  • Guar gum manufacturers also cater to a plethora of industries like the oil drilling, paper manufacturing, construction, mining, textiles, printing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverage, food industry, pet foods and much more.

  • Industrial products which make massive use of it include body lotions, instant soups, yogurts, coconut, bottled soya and almond milk. It has immense properties of stabilization, thickening, texturization, and emulsification.